Everything you want in a store brand partner and more.

Who We Are

Established in 1899, Morgan Foods takes pride in reaching the significant milestone of 125 years. Our journey has been driven by a passion for delivering premier products and contributing to moments shared with the community.

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A curated selection of beans, soups and broths of diverse taste and ready to meet preferences of most shoppers.


From traditional baked and kidney to vegetarian and southwestern-style, enjoy the many varieties of single and multi-ingredient bean products that can satisfy even your most selective customers. Categories are beans in brine or sauce, chili, and refried.

Broths & Stocks

Broth & stock products are formulated to parallel the most accepted brand flavors available. A variety of flavors including Traditional, 99% Fat Free and Reduced Sodium Chicken along with Beef, Turkey and Vegetable in canned and aseptic packaging.

Gravies & Sauces

We provide the leading gravy and sauce flavors that bolster your product array and further accommodate your customers. Options include beef, chicken, turkey, and mushroom. Two of our most popular sauces are All Natural Sloppy Joe and Hot Dog.


Morgan Foods has an expanding range of tested and certified kosher products, catering to customers seeking to adhere to dietary restrictions or opt for healthier food alternatives.

Products are customized to meet each brand’s specific needs, addressing the growing demand for packaged foods and aligning with evolving consumer preferences. Meticulous quality control processes ensure every product meets the highest standards of freshness, flavor, and nutrition.

Trusted Partner

We leverage our expertise and longevity to empower brands as they navigate store brand opportunities.

Soups, beans, broths, gravies, and sauces in a variety of national brand equivalent formulations.

The same great taste time after time, so consumers keep coming back time after time.

A tireless commitment to food safety and a commitment to consistent quality products.

Commitment to Research & Development


Morgan Foods’ dedicated Research and Development team diligently innovates and refines product offerings, ensuring the delivery of top-tier products to store shelves. Additionally, to maintain leadership in a dynamic market and deliver unmatched value, Morgan Foods has state-of-the-art tools and technology for consistently producing high-quality foods.